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Since 2014,

People, Technology and exceptional Service have been at the heart of E- TECHSAT LTD

We are wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts, Our company is a dynamic designer and provider of electronic devices ranging from computing, audio video, security, safety and other peripherals. CCTV, Home Security Company, Telecommunications Equipment, Burglar Alarms & Security Systems, Water, Solar Energy, Satellite Broadband Internet equipment’s, Wildlife Camera, Camera IP Alert Systems, GPS Trackers, Electronic Equipment’s

We take great pride in seeking out innovative technologies that deliver cost-effectivesolutions, enabling our trade-only customers to succeed.

Our business represents 200+ manufacturers and we sell to a “global” customer base made up of corporate resellers, managed service providers, high street and online retailers ranging
from large multi-nationals to smaller, independent IT companies.

At E-TECHSAT LTD, we specialize in taking emerging technologies to market whilst growing established brands using a range of value-added services.
E-TECHSAT LTD are UK leaders in Satellite Broadband Internet and Europe’s largest re-seller of Satellite Internet equipment. We are not just a reseller of Satellite Broadband Internet equipment’s, but instead we are the company that resellers come to when they want to offer their customers the best provision and value.

We partner with the best hardware vendors and network providers and then add our own commitment to service excellence to deliver what we believe to be simply the best Satellite Internet service available in the world.
It is our dedication to service partnered with our investment in the best satellite internet technology and infrastructure that make us stand out and has secured our position as one of the World’s most popular satellite internet service providers.


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Why Choose Us


We seek out innovative technologies that deliver cost-effective solutions, enabling our trade-only customers to succeed.



We are a trusted advisor that goes further for your business. We know our technology, products, markets, and trends. With joined-up thinking across teams and locations, we always come together as one to exceed your expectations.



We have a passion for taking carefully selected emerging vendors to market. It’s why we continue to move into new areas, follow emerging trends and deliver more of what our resellers and vendors want.



We deliver on quality of service by being more efficient, more human, and more consistent. That means you communicate with the same helpful and responsive experts each time, so they get to know you and your business through and through.



We are not too big, but we’re not too niche either. We offer a wide range of specialisms to suit every customer. That way, we can give you our full attention and focus on your individual needs.



We understand that you need to work with a distributor you can trust, which is why we’ve spent over 8 years developing our specialisms. We can offer you the very best technical knowledge at every stage.



We are a collaborative partner that acts as an extension of your business. Our experienced team is here to help, whether you want us to deal with end-users directly, provide marketing support, collaborate at events or follow up leads to close sales.



We are all about you, so we tailor our approach to ensure you have the answers you need, so you can make the choice you want. Whether it’s managing business or configuring products for maximum return, we go one step further every time.



We have a powerful voice based on the lasting relationships we’ve developed over more than 8 years. It’s a strength that puts us in a good position with our resellers and enables us to build brands up – not let them down



We have our own in-house marketing agency that we can dedicate to you – producing targeted content and events, facilitating healthy business relationships between vendors and resellers and following up on leads to close sales.



We are more agile than most, with the freedom to act quickly, adapt to your changing needs and offer a truly personal service. We always take the initiative and act upon it, while embracing every challenge that comes our way.